Forensic Field Kit J-0 Colour Black

Forensic Field Kit J-0  Colour Black
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Field Kit J-0, empty, black Pelican 1500 case & custom foam for up to 7 docks, & 7 adapters

Need a convenient way to pack and move your digital forensics equipment?

Forensics investigators and techs who need a safe, convenient way to move their equipment use a CRU® WiebeTech® Forensic Field Kit. Each kit is made up of a sturdy, portable Pelican™ case customized to transport and protect your digital forensic adapters and devices.

Starting with a custom Pelican case, configure your kit to suit your investigative needs. You can buy an empty case, pick a pre-configured kit, or create your own.

Field Kits A and B are best for adapters and devices. Field Kit J is a universal kit, while Kits G, H, and I are tailored for carrying drive enclosure towers, like a CRU RTX™ 800, and additional gear. Select the best one for you, or contact us to create your own.

Field Kit J includes a tough water-resistant Pelican 1500 case with custom foam.Available in black.

Kit J-0 is the empty version. Create your own kit by populating the various slots with items of your choice.

Product name Forensic Field Kit J
Dimensions 18.50" x 14.06" x 6.93" (470mm x 357mm x 176mm)
Compliancy RoHS
Warranty CRU provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.
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